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HR Philosophy

What do we do?
PNB MetLife India is in the most exciting phase of its evolution in India today. We are among the top fastest growing insurance companies and this translates into amazing opportunities for our associates.
Our ultimate goal at PNB MetLife India, simple in concept and impressive in breadth, is to build financial freedom for our customers. For our customers that means providing products and services that allow them to enjoy life and trust in the fact that we will be there for them.
Where are we going?
We at PNB MetLife India are committed to continued growth. We’ll get there through the power of our relationships, by expanding our already wide array of innovative products and services, and by making the most of an enormously diverse and talented workforce to meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace. This means an array of career opportunities.
Where do you want to be?
Work shouldn’t be something you do just to make ends meet. It should provide satisfaction…and an opportunity to make a difference.PNB MetLife’s responsiveness to the needs of both our clients and our employees is a direct result of one of our core Company values – people count. To you, as a potential associate, it means providing a career wherein you can achieve both work and life significance. 
If you want to make the most of life... then PNB MetLife is the place to build on your strengths and talents. We believe in bringing out the best in all our associates. That's why we foster an inclusive, supportive environment where everyone has the ability to make a difference. 
If you want to foster prosperity, protect families and enhance lives... At PNB MetLife, it is all about building financial freedom for our customers and associates. Through the wide breadth of products and services we offer, and the financial guarantees which only an insurer can provide, we help individuals manage the 'ifs' in life by enabling them to build a personal safety net for the future. 
If you expect to be rewarded for performance... At PNB MetLife, performance management is a way to help you maximize your contribution to the business and develop your potential. Our performance management approach links your team’s goals, as well as your own, to those of the Company. It enables you to ensure accountability for business objectives and develop to your full potential. 
If you desire to work with the brightest and most dynamic individuals in the business... Every day PNB MetLife embraces the diversity of life. The combination of various perspectives, experiences and backgrounds not only enhances our work environments, but also promotes our personal and professional growth. 
So if you want to find all this in one place – then PNB MetLife is the place to be.
Who are we looking for?
People who are ready to challenge assumptions and use innovative thinking and produce solid results. People who not only embrace change… they effect change. High performers who thrive in an environment that acknowledges their energy, creativity and diligence. If you are a team player who understands that partnering is essential to the success of the whole, then you are exactly the kind of talent we seek.