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Living abroad is tough. Managing expenses and a good standard of living is not an easy task. But, in most of the scenarios, you are all by yourself, so mentally and emotionally you’re in your home country, especially if your family is living there.
Every Indian, whether in India or settled abroad, needs peace of mind and a secure financial future for his/her loved ones. We, at PNB MetLife, understand this need and are committed to providing best in class services to cater your needs.
Therefore, we have introduced PNB MetLife India NRIInsurance Services for our valued customers.
Our life insurance plans are formulated keeping in mind your needs at various stages in life. Whether it is the security of your family, regular saving cum protection or lifelong pensions.

Kindly follow the following steps in the given order to buy a PNB MetLife India Rupee policy:

  1. Please read the product details carefully as mentioned in our Individual Plans section before proceeding further.
  2. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions contained in our ‘Insurance Request Form’ and submit your contact details after understanding and accepting the Terms and Conditions. 
  3. In case you require further assistance, kindly e-mail us at India_NRIServices@pnbmetlife.com or contact us through our ‘Post Your Query' Form.