Spurious Calls
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Spurious Calls

We value the trust you’ve placed on us and are truly committed to serve you better
We value your trust, safety and security at PNB MetLife. It is our constant endeavour to help you throughout your relationship with us. We have been alerted by various security agencies on occasions when the name and logo of the company has been misused by organizations and individuals unconnected to PNB MetLife for fraudulent purposes. This is wrong. 
These diversions from our core values and ethical style of functioning include unsolicited calls or other communications with illegal requests for money, personal information and completely false claims that PNB MetLife is the guarantor of certain financial transactions. We take such misuse seriously and co-operate with the appropriate regulatory, police and legal authorities to investigate the matter further.
If, you receive an email message or any bogus communication that appears suspicious or if you believe you may have been a victim of a fraudulent scheme involving PNB MetLife’s name or logo please type SPUR and send us an SMS at 5607071 so that we can reach out to you. 
*Kindly note: PNB MetLife shall not be responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever for any acts or omissions arising out of such spurious calls and all customers are advised to contact our customer care at 1800 4256969 and verify any representations or promises made by any such spurious callers before acting upon the same.