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Retirement Plans in India by PNB MetLife

Retirement is a major turning point in one’s life and it is always advisable to do some retirement planning ahead of time. Therefore, you should invest in a retirement plan well in advance to prepares you for all forthcoming responsibilities. Always plan considering your current standard of living, your assets and liabilities and the impact of inflation on them. You can check how much you would require by the time you retire with the help of our Retirement Calculator. Choose the most suitable plan for yourself that allows you to fulfil all your responsibilities and duties with ease.

Plan now to enjoy a relaxed life later.

What are Retirement plans?

Retirement plans, also known as pension plans, allow the policyholder to allocate a part of his/her savings to accumulate over a specific period. Once the policyholder retires, these plans help him/her in having a steady flow of income.
In India, retirement planning is gaining a lot of importance, ever since people have realized the significance of being financially independent.

Highlights of Retirement plans

  • It is advisable to plan for your retired life from an early age to get maximum benefits. 
  • Use the retirement calculator to estimate the amount you would need to invest now, to lead a comfortable life, post-retirement. There is an algorithm with factors like inflation rate, retirement age, the present cost of living etc. to derive an approximate figure. 
  • You receive regular payouts post your retirement which is called Annuity. An annuity can be received on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, depending on your policy type. 
  • An affordable premium has to be paid to get these benefits.

Things to keep in mind before choosing your retirement policy 

  • Calculate the approximate figure of money you would require to sustain a comfortable life, post your retirement. Find an appropriate plan that meets your requirements. 
  • Check the affordability of the premium rates and the efficiency of the claim procedures in advance. 
  • Research on all the options available and then settle on a plan.

Why should you opt for Retirement plans?

  • In order to sustain post retirement, you need to preplan and save up well in advance.
    Financial self-sufficiency is a boon that will help you in your second innings. 
  • Retirement goals like the desire to pursue hobbies, go on a world tour etc. can only be fulfilled if you have retirement plans that help you complete these goals. 
  • Nuclear family setups are common in today’s day and age. It is imperative to be prepared to look after yourself, so that there are no changes in your lifestyle.

Why PNB MetLife’s Retirement plans?
With plans like the MetLife Retirement Savings Plan, MetLife Smart Platinum, among many others, PNB MetLife’s central focus is to provide customers with a wide array of plans, so that they can find perfect solutions.

Get your PNB MetLife Retirement plan today!

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