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Key Benefits of MetLife Critical Illness Rider

  • 1

    Additional health cover

  • 2

    Flexibility to meet your needs

  • 3

    Tax advantage

  • 4

    Reasonable premium


In these days of increasing stress, good health is a major concern for all of us. With the fast-paced life, the chance of anyone contracting a serious illness like heart attack or cancer has increased. Thankfully with medical advancement the chances of surviving it are also high but so are the costs of such treatments. These major illnesses affect the family emotionally as well as financially. While we may not be able to predict or prevent these diseases from occurring but we can certainly protect against it with MetLife Critical Illness Rider.

MetLife Critical Illness Rider ensures

  1. Get additional protection against cancer and heart attack.
  2. Stay protected with additional cover under base policy.
  3. Flexibility to choose Sum Assured to meet varying needs

The chosen Critical Illness (CI) Sum Assured shall be payable upon the first diagnosis of one of the covered Critical Illnesses (listed below), provided the following:
  • The Person Insured survives for at least 30 days from the date of first diagnosis.
  • The critical illness is diagnosed after the completion of the Waiting Period of 90 days from date of commencement or reinstatement, as applicable.
The Critical Illness conditions are; 
  1. First Heart Attack – Of Specified Severity
  2. Cancer Of Specified Severity

Boundary Conditions

Eligibility Criteria

Age at Entry(1)

18 years - 65 years

Cover Ceasing Age

75 years

Policy Term(2)

10 years - 40 years

Premium Payment Modes

Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly , Monthly(*) (only on ECS) & Payroll Saving Plan (PSP)

Premium Payment Term

Regular premium over the Policy Term

Min/Max Rider Sum Assured(3)

Minimum: Rs.500,000 - Maximum: Rs.50 Lakhs

Min. Annualized Rider Premium(4)


Max. Annualized Rider Premium(4)


*ECS Mandatory 

  1. Age Last Birthday
  2. The Rider Policy Term can be equal to or Less than the Base Policy Term
  3. Subject to the condition that the Rider Sum Assure is less than the Base Policy Sum Assured
  4. Exclusive of Taxes  

The premiums are reviewable after five years from the inception of the Rider Policy and every five years thereafter.

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