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Key Benefits of MetLife Endowment Savings Plan

  • 1

    Increase your savings with potential bonus if any

  • 2

    Limited or regular premium payment terms

  • 3

    Increase your maturity benefits with potential bonus if any

  • 4

    Tax benefits


MetLife Endowment Savings Plan is a regular savings plan that helps to grow your savings while providing you death coverage. You have the flexibility to choose how much you want to save as well as selecting a policy term between 10 to 30 years.Gives you the benefit of systematic long term savings while giving your family the protection it deserves. This is one sure way to save for a rainy day and build a family corpus.

MetLife Endowment Savings Plan

  1. Flexibility to choose premium amount and  payout date
  2. Offers an opportunity to earn on your savings
  3. Provide double benefits of investing your savings while providing insurance coverage
  4. Provide tax benefits on investment and returns*.

Product Benefits

Death Maturity

In the event of death, the  beneficiary will receive, whichever is higher:
  • The Base Sum Assured or
  • 10 times the annual premium and  accrued bonus or
  • 105% of all premiums paid till the date of death 
Your annual premium multiplied with the Multiplier factor (which depends on your age, chosen policy term and premium payment term) is the Base Sum Assured. 

Simple Reversionary Bonus & Terminal Bonus

Bonus gets added to your policy from third year of the policy which  is payable either at maturity or death or surrender whichever is earlier

Maturity Benefit

Upon maturity of the MetLife Endowment Savings Plan, you will receive the Base Sum Assured and any accrued bonus, if any


Boundary Conditions

Minimum age at entry*

20 years

Maximum age at entry*

60 years (54 years in LP 5 option)

Maximum age at Maturity*

75 years

*Age Last Birthday
You may select to pay premiums Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly, or Monthly subject to the minimum premium under each mode.

Mode of Premium

Regular Pay (Rs.)

Limited Pay 10 Years (Rs.)

Limited Pay 5 Years (Rs.)

















# Excluding extra premium (if any) and service tax

Premium Payment Term Options

Limited Pay 5 years

Limited Pay 10 Years

Regular Pay

Minimum Policy Term

10 years

15 years

10 years

Maximum Policy Term#

20 years

25 years

30 years

Min. Sum Assured

Rs. 164,000

Rs. 257,000

Rs. 145,000

Max. Sum Assured

Rs. 5 Crore

Rs. 5 Crore

Rs. 5 Crore

# Excluding extra premium (if any) and service tax

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