MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan

Key Benefits of MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan

  • 1

    Guaranteed additions on cumulative premiums

  • 2

    Guaranteed sum assured on maturity

  • 3

    Life cover for the entire policy term


MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan is a plan that helps you fulfil your big dreams by offering lump sum benefit on maturity along with guaranteed additions on cumulative premiums.

With MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan

  1. Secure your future with guaranteed returns on cumulative premiums
  2. Create a corpus to fulfil short term to long term goals as per your choice
  3. Guarantee your child’s higher education with guaranteed benefits at maturity
  4. Secure your family’s future with life cover for entire policy term

Product Benefits

Maturity Benefit

On maturity, your benefits will be 

  • Sum Assured on Maturity plus 
  • Accrued Guaranteed Additions 
(provided all due premiums have been received)

Death Benefit

Sum assured on death plus accrued guaranteed additions (as on date of death) is payable on death during policy term
Where Sum Assured on Death is the highest of;

  • Annualized Premium X Multiple of Annual Premium (10x or 7x, depending on age at entry)
  • 105% of all premiums paid as on date of death
  • Sum Assured on Maturity
  • Basic Sum Assured (BSA)

Sum Assured on Maturity

It is defined as a percentage of basic sum assured (BSA) and varies with premium payment type 

  • 5 Pay – 70% of Basic Sum Assured
  • 7 Pay – 100% of Basic Sum Assured
  • 10 Pay – 130% of Basic Sum Assured

Guaranteed Additions

Guaranteed additions are added at the end of each Policy Year during the Premium Payment Term (provided all due Premiums have been received for that Policy Year)
Guaranteed Additions = Guaranteed Addition rate X Sum of all premiums received till date

  • 5 Pay – 5% of cumulative premiums
  • 7 Pay – 7% of cumulative premiums
  • 10 Pay – 10% of cumulative premiums

Premium Payment Type

5 Pay

7 Pay

10 Pay

Premium Payment Term (years)




Policy Term (years)




Minimum Age* at entry(years)




Maximum Age* at entry (years)




Maximum age* at maturity (years)




Minimum Annual Premium (Rs)




Maximum Annual Premium (Rs)

As per Board approved
underwriting policy

As per Board approved
underwriting policy

As per Board approved
underwriting policy

Minimum Sum Assured (Rs)




Maximum Sum Assured (Rs)

As per Board approved
underwriting policy

As per Board approved
underwriting policy

As per Board approved
underwriting policy

Premium payment modes

Yearly/half yearly/monthly

Yearly/half yearly/monthly

Yearly/half yearly/monthly

Multiple of Premium

Age at entry

Applicable multiple

Multiple of Premium

45 years and above

10x or 7x

Multiple of Premium

Less than 45 years


*Age last birthday

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