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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What browser should I use to logon to the policy information portal?
    • Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (version 10+), Firefox (version 32+) or Safari (version 7+)
  • How to access my policy account?
    • You need to have a User Name and Password to log on to the website. You can register yourself by clicking Register here and then following a few simple steps to get access to your policy account.
  • What is my customer ID?
    • Customer ID is the 8 digit Client ID mentioned in the policy document
  • How do I login after completion of the registration process?
    • Login using your User Name which was selected by you during the registration process along with the Password in the correct case. Both User Name and Password are case sensitive. In case of five unsuccessful login attempts, the account will get temporarily locked. You can reset the password by clicking on Forgot Password
  • Website or links are not accessible?
    • The website is optimized for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (version 10+), Firefox (version 32+) or Safari (version 7+). Some features may not work with other browsers
  • Website not responding?
    • Refresh the page by using the Refresh menu or press F5. In case the issue is not resolved, try closing the browser and login again.
  • Do I have to change the password immediately after login with the password sent?
    • Yes, you have to change the password and re-login with the new password selected by you.
  • How to generate transaction password?
    • Go to Profile
    • Click on Transaction Password
    • Check the Generate Transaction Password radio button
    • Enter Transaction Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Message: Transaction password successfully generated